The investment in residential by families amounts 5.3 billion euros.

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This can be deduced from a report recently issued by el Consejo del Notariado. (Notary Committee)

Since 2015, the investment in residential has grown due to mainly the high profitability given by this sector opposite other types of investing such as bonds, deposits, shares, etc. However, these profitability rates are minor to those in the previous years of the crisis.

In 2008, the investment in residential by families totalled 89%. This rate begun to descend in 2009 until 2015, where it was 77%. This progression is changing and the percentage was 79% in 2018.

However, these investments have not implied new mortgages, so the debt of the families is not raising due to them. Most families do not finance their acquisitions through the banks or other entities. According to the Notary Committee report, 52% of the purchases is paid in cash. On the other hand, the current mortgages are paid off or restructured.

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